1. About Company

About Company

Formed in April, 1995 is a developer and manufacturer of the explosion-proof electrical equipment for the coal and mining industry as well as various kinds of industrial electrical equipment for the oil-refinery, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, including those with explosive operating conditions.

Stable position of PJSC «DEG» in the market of Ukraine is confirmed by diplomas of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, whose member the company is since 1996.

We are certified by the international certification audit company and obtained the certificate of conformity of quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

Our experts can conduct a survey of enterprises, supply the Customer with the technical-economic reasons for introducing energy-saving technologies, develop projects, fulfill the delivery, installation and commissioning of the electrical equipment with the subsequent service support.

By the present moment JSC «DEG» has successfully implemented more than 500 variable-speed electrical drives at dozens of enterprises in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus as well as in Vietnam.


PJSC “DEG” established in April, 1995


In Ukraine, CIS, Asia, Africa and Latin America


Average life of our equipment

About us and our partners

Customers of our company are the largest companies in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia. As part of the completed equipment produced by our partners – large machine-building enterprises of Ukraine the products by PJSC «DEG» are exported to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

  • PJSC «DEG» is also the exclusive in the territory of Ukraine representative of R.STAHL – the world leading manufacturer of modern explosion-proof electrical equipment. In our own production we widely uses the explosionproof components by R. STAHL. Alongside, we are ready to supply our Customers with all the required electrical equipments by R.STAHL directly from the original manufacturer with all the warranties.
  • Also we are a regional ABB partner in the variable-speed electrical drives, automation and switchgear. We are ready to offer the proven solutions for the implementation of energy-saving technologies based on the frequency converters by ABB production and asynchronous motors with a squirrel-cage rotor produced by the enterprises of Ukraine, CIS-countries and other manufacturers on the Customer’s choice, including those in the explosion-proof version.
  • We are the official representative in Ukraine of Z.E.TWERD – Polish manufacturer of advanced power electronics with more than 30 years of experience.

Our products repeatedly participated in the National competition of the product quality “100 best goods of Ukraine” and were awarded with diplomas of the competitions medalist and commemorative medals.

In 2008 PJSC «DEG» that presented our own development – Explosion-proof device of the electrical drive control of the underground monorail roads of ЭМДВ type became the winner of the Ukrainian National competition-exhibition “The Best Domestic Product of 2008” in the category of “Production of the equipment for the coal and mining industry”.

In October, 2010 in Sorrento (Italy) PJSC «DEG» became the bronze winner of the International competition of partner companies of ABB Group – the world leader in the manufacture of electrical products – for “Best Technical Project using ABB electrical equipment” as evidenced by the Certificate and a commemorative award – a statuette “Silver Deer”.

In 2011 for participation in the National competition of the product quality “100 best goods of Ukraine” there was presented another development by PJSC «DEG» – Capacitor mining high-voltage installation of УКРВ-6,3 type, which also received the highest opinion.

We are trusted

Serially produce the following kinds of explosion-proof equipment

For the coal industry:

  • Explosion-proof frequency converters for variable-speed electrical drives of the underground hoists, conveyors, monorail and ground layer roads, coal combines;
  • High-voltage capacitor installations in the explosion-proof and mining normal versions;
  • Systems of automatics, signaling and monitoring of the technological equipment operation;
  • Protection and remote control blocks;
  • Devices of the underground and ground layer mining hoists control;
  • Explosion-proof completed devices of auxiliary electrical drives control;
  • Explosion-proof high- and low-voltage junction and distributing boxes.

For the oil-refinery and chemical industries:

  • Explosion-proof control stations of different types;
  • Junction and distributing boxes for the currents of up to 630A;
  • Automatic circuit-breakers for the currents of 10…160A;
  • Electromagnetic and semiconductor actuators for the currents of 16…160A;
  • Light fittings;
  • Completed control devices of cranes, compressors and other mechanisms;
  • Intrinsically safe barriers;
  • Intrinsically safe power supply sources.

Our company can perform the development of specific kinds of electrical equipment, followed by manufacturing, certification, delivery and implementation under technical requirements of the Customer.

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