Category: Coal and mining industry equipment

Apparatus of mine hoist communication and signaling of АСШП type is designed to coordinate the operating staff actions during lowering and lifting operations in the mine shafts.
The apparatus can be used for operative (or reserve) signaling according to the existing regulations. The apparatus is designed to operate in coal mines including those hazardous of gas (methane) and/or coal dust.
The equipment can be used in cold, temperate and tropical climate. In the 2012 apparatus of АСШП type was declared the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition «100 best goods of Ukraine» regional stage, nomination «industrial purpose goods».
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC“DEG”


The apparatus of АСШП type support the following:

  • Setting the hoisting plant operation modes from the signaling panel;
  • Setting the cage address, i.e. level, which the cage is addressed to and which is granted the right of running signals injection;
  • Operating modes and working levels signaling;
  • Running signals injection by means of buttons as well as signals “Stop” and “Breakdown”, additional signals injection using the buttons marked “People”, “Drilling and Blasting Operations”, “Patient”;
  • Direct injection of the «Stop» signal to the engine room from any signalingl panel;
  • Injection of the «Ready» signal from assistants signaling panels to signaling panel of the corresponding banksman or lander;
  • On the single-ending skip hoisting installations injection of the «Start» signal from the skip loading/unloading areas; while on multilevel hoisting installations signaling should be allowed from the working level;
  • Injection of the «Breakdown» signal from the banksman, landers and their assistants signaling panels with a direct transmission to the driver signaling panel and indication of the signal on all the signaling panels;
  • Giving the operating mode signals, level numbers and «Breakdown» signal (in the «dry contact» form) to be used in the hoisting installation control and protection circuits;
  • Duplication of the running signals and “Stop” signal presentation on the driver signaling panel;
  • Signaling of mine hoist machinery and equipment position (or state): mine shaft doors; landing chairs (rests, end-hinged rails), filling of the hopper feeder, filling of the receiving hopper, swinging gate, invalid lifting of the balancing rope loop, unplugging of the brake cables;
  • Signaling circuits operating check;
  • Control and display of communications between the apparatus components on the driver signaling panel;
  • Apparatus connectivity with mine process control system, as well as the ap-paratus components diagnostic data transfer to the mine technical support service or manufacturer;
  • Staff two-side loudspeaking communication.

Structural diagram of the apparatus of mine hoist communication and signaling of АСШП type is given in Figure 1.