Category: Intrinsically safe automation system components

Block of protection and control of outgoing connection (БЗП) intended for comprehensive protection and remote control of outgoing connections miner switching device, transformer substations and switchgear with voltage up to 1200V at 50 Hz.

Application area – industrial and mining units, located in mines, that are hazardous with gas (methane) and (or) coal dust, with power from the network with isolated neutral.
Block provides the configuration and control via RS-485 communication interface with MODBUS RTU protocol from an external controller or a special control panel.
For the block operation it is required two current transformer measuring phase currents.
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC “DEG”.


  • a maximal current protection (МТЗ);
  • overcurrent (depending on the current set point);
  • inrush current protection;
  • underload;
  • phase current asymmetry protection;
  • under- and over-voltage;
  • insulation control;
  • a continuous monitoring of the resistance of auxiliary low-voltage circuits 36-42V;
  • temperature/posistor protection of motor (via posistor sensors in the motor);
  • intrinsically safe remote control of one or two contactors (reverse option) with:
  1. protection from the loss of controllability during the closing of the remote control cores;
  2. control of the ground circuit via diodes.