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Coke oven gas supercharger control device

The device is designed for automatic frequency control (instead of less efficient throttle control method) of exhaustion at the inlet of supercharger serving for the gas extraction from the coke battery.

The devices are manufactured for both the inner market and export.
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC «DEG».

Figure 1 - Functional diagram of the coke oven gas supercharger automatic control system.

The devices are designed as an enclosed cabinet which contains the following:

  • frequency converters;
  • switching low-voltage equipment;
  • input/output and interface units;
  • alarm and display elements.

The devices may contain a different number of switching units, controls, alarm and display elements, depending on the requirements specification. The number and size of cabinets depends on the set of elements in the device.

The control devices support the following:

  • soft start of the coke oven gas supercharger drive motor;
  • control of the drive motor speed in the process automated control system;
  • control of the drive motor speed according to a preset algorithm;
  • coke oven gas supercharger drive motor and frequency converter overload and short circuit protection;
  • control of exhaustion at the coke oven gas supercharger input;
  • effective energy savings in the technological process of the coke oven gas super-charger.

The most efficient way to control the performance of the turbo-unit and therefore to control the exhaustion at the inlet, is a variable-speed control of the turbo-unit. Thus the power consumed by electric drive is consumed only for pumping gas (taking into account the efficiency factor of the exhauster and drive motor) and is substantially lower than the power consumed by throttling. Considering the exhauster continuous operation, the power consumption has a significant impact on the production costs.

The coke oven gas supercharger control device provides energy savings as well as im-provement of technical level in the process of coke production. This is achieved by using a closed-loop automatic control system of the exhaustion at the exhauster inlet with use of frequency-controlled drive.

Functional diagram of the automatic exhaustion control system is given in Figure 1.

  • ambient temperature from 0 °С to +40 °С;
  • relative humidity is up to 80% at the temperature of + 25 °C (without moisture condensation);
  • environment should not contain current-conducting dust or explosive mixtures and vapors of acids and alkalis;
  • altitude above sea level is to 1000 m;
  • rated values of the external ambient factors correspond to mechanical category M1 according to IEC 721-3-3-87.

Warranty operation life is 12 months from the date of commissioning.
Warranty operation life of the installations exported is not more than 18 months from the date of the state border crossing.


Export Department:

Elena Kats
tel.+38 (050) 422-79-27
e-mail: elena.kats@deg.com.ua