Category: Equipment for the petrochemical industry

Explosion-proof control buttons of КУ-В type are intended for remote and local control of electric drives of machines and mechanisms in technological installations in the explosive area, including dusty environments, as well as signaling the operating modes of these mechanisms.
КУ-В are marked with explosion protection:
exII2G Ех db eb IIС Т6 Gb (Zone 1, Zone 2),
exII 2D Ех tb IIIС Т85°C Db (Zone 21, Zone 22).


КУ-В  – Х –  Х1-X2-X3-X4-XX   У1
КУ-В — explosion-proof control button.
Х — enclosure dimensions 1, 2, 3, 4.

Х1…Х4 — type of control or indication element:

КК — red button without fixing;

КЗ — green button without fixing;

КЧ — black button without fixing;

КГ — mushroom button;

КД — double button, green and red without fixation;

ПД – two-position switch;

ПТ – three-position switch;

Type of contact element:
11 – 1NO and 1NC;
20 – 2NО;
02 – 2NC.

СК – red light indicator;

  СЗ – green light indicator;

СЖ – yellow light indicator.

LED supply voltage:
1 — 24 V DC;
2 — 220…380 V AC.

ХХ – cable gland:
M20 (6,5…14 mm);
M25 (11,1…20 mm).
У1 — climatic modification and placement category according to GOST 15150.

Example: КУ-В-4-СК1-КГ02-КД11-ПТ20-М25 У1

Explosion-proof control button for four installed elements:
– СК1 – red light indicator, 24 V DC;
– КГ02 – red mushroom button with fixation, 2NC;
– КД11 – double button, green and red without fixation, 1NO and 1NC;
– ПТ20 – three-position switch, 2NO (NO-0-NO);
– М25 – cable gland М25 (11,1…20 mm).