Category: Coal and mining industry equipment

Explosion-proof devices of the electrical drive control of ЭМДВ type are designed to control the running speed of the trains of the underground rope roads, conveyers and hoist in the coal mines hazardous of gas (methane) and coal dust. The devices control the asynchronous electrical motors with squirrel-cage rotor in the electrical networks of the three-phase AC voltage with the isolated neutral.
The devices have the «flameproof» explosion protection level; their explosion protection types are «flameproof enclosure» and «intrinsically safe electrical circuit»; explosion protection marking is Ex d ia I according to IEC 60079. Environment protection degree is IP54 according to IEC 60529. Climatic version and location category class 3K6 according to IEC 721-3-3-87.

The devices are manufactured for both the inner market and export.
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC “DEG”.


The explosion proof devices of the electrical drive control of ЭМДВ type support the following:

  • wide range speed control of the drive motor;
  • soft start of the drive motor with programmable acceleration time until the preset speed;
  • electrical braking of the electrical drive motor with the power recuperation into the supply power network while transport movement on the slopes and stoppage;
  • hitless reversing of the drive motor;
  • emergency stoppage of the electrical drive at the frequency converter failure and when “emergency stop” button is pressed;
  • manual control through the running speed setting unit performed by a train driver;
  • control of the transport installation electrical drive braking device;
  • blocking of the electrical drive operation through the transport installation control apparatus;
  • remote control using analog and digital signals; remote control using intrinsically safe RS485 interface (protocol ModBus RTU).

The control system of the ЭМДВ device proves the following protection types:

  • switching off while the value of isolation resistance of the output connections is lower than 30 kOhm;
  • protection from the short-circuit inside the frequency converter and in the load;
  • protection from the overload and breakdown of drive motor;
  • protection from the electrical motor phase loss;
  • protection from the over-temperature of the power semi-conductor elements radiator;
  • lock power supply to the load with damaged insulation.