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Low-voltage complete control devices of УКН type

Low-voltage complete control devices of УКН type are intended for control of lifting and transport mechanisms AC and DC drives, as well as electric motors used in water supply systems, ventilation and other processing lines in various industries.
The devices are designed to work in electrical networks with the isolated and grounded neutral.
In the УКН device there are can be used power semiconductor units, microprocessor controllers and low-voltage apparatus manufactured by international company ABB. We can also use power semiconductor units and microprocessor controllers manufactured by Solcon Industries (Israel) or by DEG itself, on demand.
Location category is 3 or 4. Environment protection degree is IP21, IP32, IP42 or IP54.
The devices are manufactured for both the inner market and export.
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC «DEG».


The devices of УКНК type support the following:

  • start and stop motors in manual or automatic modes on the signals from the monitored parameters sensors;
  • the possibility of remote control;
  • power supply from two independent inputs;
  • both inputs line and phase voltage indication;
  • control and indication of the motor operating current;
  • control and indication of emergency state;
  • manual or automatic selection of the working motor;
  • control and indication of process parameters;
  • motors protection.

* The range of functions is to be agreed with the customer.

Figure 1 - Functional diagram of a frequency-controlled mine winder drive.

The devices of УКНП, besides the above mentioned functions, support:

  • soft starting and stoppage of the motor;
  • backup control of direct motor start;
  • motors and mechanisms protection.

The devices of УКНЧ type support in addition:

  • soft start of the motor with programmable start-up time until the preset speed;
  • automatic frequency control of motor speed on the signals from process parameters sensors (pressure, level, temperature, position, speed);
  • the possibility of longtime stable motor velocity values;
  • automatic on/off at a specified time;
  • electrical braking of the motor at stoppage and load hauling down with the power recuperation into the supply power network for transport and hoisting mechanism;
  • emergency stoppage of the electrical drive at the frequency converter failure and when “Emergency stop” button is pressed;
  • non-contact reversing of the drive motor by changing the phase sequence;
  • display information about the drive operation modes and fault diagnosis of the frequency converter;
  • the motor and frequency converter protection.


  • УКН – low-voltage complete control device;
  • Х – УКН version for motor control:
    К – direct start;
    П – with a soft starter device;
    Ч – with a frequency converter.
  • Х – rated voltage:
    1 – 220 V; 2 – 380 V; 3 – 660 V; 4 – 1140 V.
  • ХXХХ – rated current, Х – number of controlled motors;
  • ХХ – environment protection degree (IP — code) according to IEC 60529;
  • ХХ – climatic version and location category according to standard ГОСТ 15150-69.
  • ambient temperature from 0 °С to +40 °С;
  • relative humidity is up to 80% at the temperature of + 25 °C (without moisture condensation);
  • environment should not contain current-conducting dust or explosive mixtures and vapors of acids and alkalis;
  • altitude above sea level is to 1000 m;
  • rated values of the external ambient factors correspond to mechanical category M1 according to IEC 721-3-3-87.

УКН is the floor-standing or wall-mounted cabinet with top or bottom lead-in (on the customer’s request).
УКН (depending on version, purpose and requirements of the customer) includes power switching units, protection devices, frequency converters, soft starters, voltage regulators, programmable logic controllers, control and display elements. УКН can be equipped with remote control.

Rated input current, A, not more then2500
Rated supply voltage, V220; 380; 660; 1140
Supply voltage tolerance allowed, %+10; —15
Total power of electric motors, kW, not more then2200
Rated frequency, Hz50
Output voltage frequency range, Hz (УКHЧ type)0…120

Mine winder control devices
Mine winder control devices are usually produced using frequency converters and asynchronous squirrel-cage motors, but can also be based on DC electric drives. These devices can be used in the circuits of both vertical and inclined hoisting plants. They may have a «General industrial performance» or «Mine normal performance» labeled PH (ГОСТ 12.2.020-76).

The devices support the following:

  • soft start of the drive motor with programmable start-up time until the set speed;
  • pressure feedback maintaining a steady rate of the transport device movement in the range D = 1:20 in circuits without motor speed feedback. In circuits with motor speed feedback range D = 1:50 and more is provided;
  • electrical braking mode of the drive motor with the power recuperation into the supply power network while transport movement on slopes and deceleration;
  • manual control through the running speed setting unit (controller), performed by a driver;
  • non-contact reversing of the drive motor;
  • emergency stoppage of the electrical drive at the frequency converter failure and when “Emergency stop” button is pressed;
  • display the current drive data, triggered protection reports and the frequency converter faults on the apparatus of mining transport control of АУРT type graphical control panel;
  • preliminary insulation control of output connections;
  • frequency converter proves the following protection types:
  1. protection from the short-circuit in the drive motor and its power supply cable;
  2. current overload protection;
  3. power supply overvoltage protection;
  4. power supply undervoltage protection;
  5. power transistors coolant overheating protection;
  6. earth fault protection at the frequency converter output;
  7. drive motor and its supply cable phase loss protection drive motor overheating protection;
  8. drive motor stall protection.

With the apparatus of mining transport control of АУРТ type devices support the following:

  • determination of the vessel location in the trunk;
  • calculation of the vessel movement speed in the trunk;
  • calculation of the vessel movement direction in the trunk;
  • generation of a protective tachogram according to the settings;
  • protection triggering at the velocity values exit the protective tachogram;
  • determination of the vessel overwinding limits according to the settings;
  • malfunction monitoring of the system components which fault leads to loss of safety functions;
  • measurement system channels mismatch monitoring;
  • current location, speed, direction and system status data transmission;
  • system recovery lock after an emergency.

Warranty operation life is 12 months from the date of commissioning.

Warranty operation life of the installations exported is not more than 18 months from the date of the state border crossing.


Export Department:

Elena Kats
tel.+38 (050) 422-79-27
e-mail: elena.kats@deg.com.ua