Category: General industrial equipment

Low-voltage complete control devices of УКН type are intended for control of lifting and transport mechanisms AC and DC drives, as well as electric motors used in water supply systems, ventilation and other processing lines in various industries.
The devices are designed to work in electrical networks with the isolated and grounded neutral.
In the УКН device there are can be used power semiconductor units, microprocessor controllers and low-voltage apparatus manufactured by international company ABB. We can also use power semiconductor units and microprocessor controllers manufactured by Solcon Industries (Israel) or by DEG itself, on demand.
Location category is 3 or 4. Environment protection degree is IP21, IP32, IP42 or IP54.
The devices are manufactured for both the inner market and export.
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC «DEG».


The devices of УКНК type support the following:

  • start and stop motors in manual or automatic modes on the signals from the monitored parameters sensors;
  • the possibility of remote control;
  • power supply from two independent inputs;
  • both inputs line and phase voltage indication;
  • control and indication of the motor operating current;
  • control and indication of emergency state;
  • manual or automatic selection of the working motor;
  • control and indication of process parameters;
  • motors protection.

* The range of functions is to be agreed with the customer.