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Rope road drive control devices EЧKD type

Rope road drive control devices are produced on the basis of frequency converters. They are designed for the trains running speed control of the rope monorail roads, ground layer rope roads and other vehicles in coal and other mines. The devices are designed to control asynchronous electrical motors with squirrel-cage rotor in the threephase AC networks with the isolated and grounded neutral.
These devices can be used in the circuits of both vertical and inclined hoisting plants. They may have a «General industrial performance» or «Mine normal performance» labeled PH
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC «DEG».

Figure 1. Functional diagram of the rope road (product of PJSC «Luganskgomash»)
  • soft start of the drive motor with programmable start-up time until the set speed;
  • maintaining a steady rate of the transport device movement in the desired range;
  • electrical braking mode of the drive motor with the power recuperation into the supply power network while transport movement on the slopes and stoppage;
  • manual control through the running speed setting unit (controller), performed by a driver;
  • non-contact reversing of the drive motor;
  • control of the rope road drive electro hydraulic brake;
  • emergency stoppage of the electrical drive at the frequency converter failure and when “Emergency stop” button is pressed;
  • display the current drive data, triggered protection reports and the frequency converter faults on the apparatus of mining transport control of АУРT type graphical control panel;
  • interaction with rope road control equipment;
  • preliminary insulation control of output connections;
  • the devices provide the following protection types:
  1. protection from the short-circuit in the drive motor and its power supply cable;
  2. overload protection;
  3. drive motor and its supply cable phase loss protection;
  4. frequency converter power semiconductor elements radiators overheat protection.

Functional diagram of the rope road (product of PJSC «Luganskgomash») is given in Figure 1.

  • ambient temperature from 0 °С to +40 °С;
  • relative humidity is up to 80% at the temperature of + 25 °C (without moisture condensation);
  • environment should not contain current-conducting dust or explosive mixtures and vapors of acids and alkalis;
  • altitude above sea level is to 1000 m;
  • rated values of the external ambient factors correspond to mechanical category M1 according to IEC 721-3-3-87.

Warranty operation life is 12 months from the date of commissioning.
Warranty operation life of the installations exported is not more than 18 months from the date of the state border crossing.


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