Category: Coal and mining industry equipment

The explosion-proof soft starter device of УППВ type is designed to start and stop asynchronous squirrel-cage electric motor by adjusting the stator supply voltage. The device provides an optimal starting/stoppage curve with minimal overcurrent for the electric motor and the mains supply, as well as the mechanical loads limitation of the processing equipment. The device is intended for conveyors and other machines being operated at the mining enterprises and mines, including those hazardous of gas (methane) and/or coal dust. The device is designed to work in electrical networks of three-phase AC voltage with the isolated and grounded neutral.
The devices are manufactured for both the inner market and export.
Designer and Manufacturer: PJSC «DEG».

The devices have a level of protection «Explosion-proof»; types of protection «flameproof enclosure» and «intrinsically safe electrical circuit»; explosion protection marking is Ex d ia I according to ATEX. Environment protection degree is IP54 according to IEC 60529.
In the УППВ device there are can be used power semiconductor units and microprocessor controllers manufactured by Solcon Industries (Israel), an international company ABB, or by DEG itself, according to agreement with the customer.


The device supports the following:

  • soft start of the motor with programmable parameters (starting current, initial voltage, starting time);
  • dynamic braking of the motor with programmable parameters (braking current value and duration);
  • semiconductor units automatic bridging with a contactor upon completion of starting procedure;
  • starting current limitation;
  • pump, fan and conveyor control modes;
  • torque and current control for the purpose of starting and stoppage optimization;
  • emergency stoppage of electric drive at the failure occurrence and when “emergency stop” button is pressed;
  • local and remote control of device;
  • possibility of the direct motor start through the bypass contactor;
  • status and device failure information;
  • communication with industrial control system (ICS) of the enterprise using the intrinsically safe RS- 485 interface (protocol Modbus RTU).